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Hi, I am Stanley and I create educational content on
wealth, investment and entrepreneurship

I am also currently a Senior Wealth Manager with iFast Global Markets
where I enjoy working with clients to design their tailored ETF portfolio

Private Banking Service with Transparent Low Fee

I am Craftsman
Ever since I was young, the people I looked up to were craftsmen and creators. I was in awe of how painters could create a wall of painting, how blacksmiths could create the perfect sword, and how poets and lyricists could write the perfect phrase. As life has it, the world of finance turned out to be my canvas. I have spent the last two decades learning about money, investment, and economics. I seek to build the perfect ever-lasting portfolio for my clients—one that is tailored to their needs and risk appetite yet stands the test of time. I am a craftsman, and I craft portfolios.

Putting Your Needs First
I believe that everyone has different objectives in life and wealth can be a great tool to help us achieve those dreams. I focused on only making recommendations after fully understanding your current and future objectives.

Transparent and Straight-forward Fee
I pride myself in always being transparent with my clients. I will work for you and not for commission. Which is why I believed in an agreed upon fee with you to ensure that our interest is aligned and I will always act in your best interest. No hidden or unexpected fees, I will find you the best deal, always.

Full Disclosure
I have been handling my own investment for close to two decades now. That is why I am only going to recommend products that I would be willing to invest in myself for you. You can expect full disclosure from me on what I have invested in, past and present.

Author, Educator, Advisor, Life-Long Learner

I’ve spent the last decade in the investment industry. I have written close to 2000 investment articles online. I was employee #4 for The Motley Fool Singapore, a online financial publishing platform that served more than half a million paying-members worldwide.

From that experience, I took a year off to co-write an Asia-focused investment book: “Value Investing In Asia“ in 2017. Since then, I have shared investment content through my blog, ValueInvestAsia.com and YouTube Channel “Learn with Stanley”.

I am a Certified Financial Analyst since 2012.
Over the years, I have also been invited to speak for banks, brokerage and Stock Exchanges both in Singapore and Malaysia.

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